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hit blunts, not women™

Hit Blunts, Not Women™ is how I originally started Prolific Stoner. People think it's okay to put their hands on women and it's NOT. Want to know the whole story? Click on About.

Feel free to email me with any and all inquiries! Free quotes and estimations. I'll respond as soon as I can. Looking forward to helping you bring your project to life!

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I can work fast and produce quality custom products like: Embroidery, Paintings, Sublimation Printing, Screen Printing, etc! Click to learn more.

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I genuinely believe we can all win. No design skills? No problem, I have FREE designs for anybody! Click to learn more.


Bring Your Own Blank or Send Your Own Blank. Only pay for customization! As low as $5! Click to learn more!



I can create basically anything. Always teaching myself something new! I LOVE to create, let me make you something dope!

Get YOUR logo embroidered on anything! Learn all about embroidery and digitization, click the title! 

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Prolific Stoner Belief

It's the Prolific Belief that we can ALL make it. There is plenty of room at the table, just pull up a chair! Prolific Stoner was created to shed light on domestic violence and de-stigmatize the notion that "all stoners are lazy pot heads." But it's so much more than that now! 

Learn, Create, Expand, and start YOUR legacy

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Prolific Stoner